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We build world-class digital products, delivered fast, for better value.

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From prediction and prevention, to risk quantification and analysis, we know how to protect your data and build products that stay ahead of any threats.

We are committed to helping our clients design, develop, and build solutions that will shape the future of health, and increase quality of life.

We help transform the educational experience through technology in order to improve the learning experience and build better relationships with educators and students.

Technology is changing rapidly, but we’re adapting even faster. That’s why leading technology companies trust us to realize their most important transformation initiatives.

Our expert team collaborates with leaders in the industry to develop and deliver new operating models, monetize new revenue sources, and get more value from their investments.

There’s no margin for error in space. We help companies in the commercial satellite industry drive efficiency, deliver media, and connect to their customers on a worldwide scale.

The automotive industry is looking for new ways to monetize their product and meet consumer demands. Automation, immersive experiences, and personalization are all part of solution.

We help telecom leaders modernize and innovate using the latest technology in order to better serve their customers and stakeholders.

Featured Case Studies


AscentCore combined dynamic and static content with state-of-the art operations in order to allow the platform to deliver optimized content for a better user experience. By combining the publishing workflow, the platform allows publishers to enjoy a familiar content editing experience and deliver content using modern aggregation and delivery technologies for an almost instant content delivery.

The platform also allows the user to experience instant page views by caching and preloading the next information to be rendered. The entire ecosystem makes use of multiple data sources, and delivery mechanisms in order to ensure a top position in search engines, good media exposure, and the best user experience.

Services Provided

  • Web App Development
  • Cloud Deployment
  • DevOps

Solutions Provided

  • Admin Panel – Site management via a custom web application
  • Responsive design & implementation
  • SEO enhancements


  • Gatsby
  • Node
  • MySQL
  • TypeScript
  • Travis & Jenkins
  • AWS Serverless
  • React


AscentCore was responsible for operating a unique cloud-based, crowdsourcing platform that powers a marketplace where cyber analysts are incentivized to proactively hunt for and collaboratively verify the presence of a breach. Our services included the use of crowdsourcing to work through probable attack scenarios, identify new attacks and threat groups.

All malicious behavior was mapped and reported against the MITRE ATT&CK framework for a more effective threat hunt. By allowing multiple analysts to work on the same investigation the results were more accurate and were identified much faster. Enabling collaboration within the platform the content created by analysts generated an ever-growing threat intelligence database.

Services Provided

  • Frontend web application
  • API middleware

Solutions Provided

  • Frontend application and admin panel via a custom web application
  • API middleware as glue between 418 systems, communication with external vendors and clients.


  • React JS
  • D3.js
  • Python
  • FastAPI
  • Docker
  • MySQL/MariaDB


Connecting the right service providers with the end client allows customers to easily discover, book, and manage tailored services for their needs. By connecting people together the services take responsibility for making sure the security of each individual is ensured by proactively analyzing reviews, behavior, and quality of the services all this behind a friendly and intuitive experience for the user.

Services Provided

  • Frontend Development with React
  • Backend Development with Django
  • Mobile Native Development on Android and iOS

Solutions Provided

  • Continuous development of the current product through fully managed teams
  • Integration of background & identity check systems
  • Fraud prevention for account takeover
  • Solutions for determining disintermediation
  • Social authentication (Facebook, Google, Apple)
  • Solutions for improving user acquisition funnels
  • System and data migration


  • Python/Django
  • React
  • Swift/Objective-C
  • Kotlin/Java
  • Buildkite
  • Datadog
  • Sentry


Being a partner with us means we mitigate risk from the start. Our clients trust us as their software provider of choice and to consistently ensure control and visibility of roles, infrastructure, applications and personal data processing.

Services Provided

  • Defect triage
  • Desktop app development
  • Client Support for SDK integration
  • Third-party integrations

Solutions Provided

  • Workflow automation scripts
  • App debugging tool
  • API Variance Tool
  • Adaptation Layer Validation Framework
  • Technical documentation


  • C++
  • Automotive
  • Android
  • Google Test
  • Jenkins
  • AWS
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • Go
  • Protobuf

Chaos Engineering

Mastering incidents in large infrastructure is a daunting task that requires a lot of specialized engineers to measure, analyze, report, and fix existing and potential issues. Allowing the clients to evaluate their current ecosystem in a controlled environment for various events will allow the engineers to proactively increase system reliability and win customer trust.

The platform allows minimization of the risk of system failure by proactively testing for weaknesses and addressing them before they become costly public outages. The engineering dashboard allows the users to evaluate in a structured manner all ecosystem metrics, dashboards, RPS, error rates, latency, etc. for a better task prioritization in order to increase ecosystem reliability.


Our partner’s software and Martech solutions include a best-in-class Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform, an intent data platform, Data-as-a-Service, and an email marketing platform built for B2B. These tools provide technology companies with buyer insight and intelligent foresight. They fuel demand generation, fill pipelines, and drive return on investment, helping technology marketers worldwide achieve their ambitions.


The client had full trust in AscentCore to deliver an MVP based on an idea and during our collaboration we surpassed their expectations: the product got traction in the market and the number of users grew every week. The idea behind the app is to provide counseling services to students, and the solution can quickly and structurally capture the moods provided by each enrolled student of the registered schools and educational institutions from the US. Counselors and administrators can interact instantly using Stream’s capabilities, in accordance with the moods provided by each student in their group/school. Considering the sensitivity of the data provided by each user, we used security frameworks that generated more trust for the shared and stored data.


Our partner is a logistics solutions provider automating how freight is priced, booked, and shipped. Whether through digital brokerage, freight procurement tools, dock scheduling software, truck management software, managed transportation services, freight and network optimization, or custom solutions, the shippers and carriers move more with less. AscentCore is integrated into two squads of the client’s ecosystembeing part of the whole end-to-end decisions of the product roadmap. They are taking part in creating the request for comments for the quote and book flow for Drayage and container visibility tracker integrating with OpenTrack solution.

AscentCore labs

Artificial Intelligence is the driving force behind transformative solutions that enhance efficiency, intelligence, and innovation. At AscentCore, we embrace AI’s limitless potential to revolutionize industries, streamline processes, and empower businesses to stay ahead in a dynamic marketplace.

Services Provided

  • Frontend web application
  • API middleware
  • Backend development
  • Cloud deployments
  • Rust development
  • DevOps
  • Third-party integrations

Solutions Provided

  • Full-stack feature development
  • Continuous delivery and automation testing on all levels
  • Overall platform improvements and optimizations


  • Java
  • Grizzly
  • Terraform
  • AWS
  • Rust
  • React
  • Typescript
  • CircleCI
  • Datadog
  • Sentry

Tech we work with

AscentCore Labs

By researching and testing the latest technologies through our lab, AscentCore is able to envision innovative and disruptive digital products for our clients. Our r&d work includes real-time cyber attack prediction, ML-based document clustering, Covid-19 simulations to support local government, and many other projects

AscentCore Labs Recent Projects

Using Counterfactuals To Overcome Data Bias & Increase Model Fairness

For businesses across every industry, the customer experience is more important than ever. In a time when a brand’s success is often closely tied to customer loyalty, finding ways to improve and optimize customer service is critical. Keep reading for five AI-powered solutions that can help businesses transform and enhance their customer experience.

The Process Behind Meaningful Visualizations

Creating compelling visualizations through storytelling is the main goal in translating information into a visual context. When working with large data sets, the visualizations expose hidden insights, patterns or relationships in the data and at the same time capture, compress and expose the very essence.