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We build world-class digital products, delivered fast, for better value

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From prediction and prevention, to risk quantification and analysis, we know how to protect your data and build products that stay ahead of any threats.

We are committed to helping our clients design, develop, and build solutions that will shape the future of health, and increase quality of life.

We help transform the educational experience through technology in order to improve the learning experience and build better relationships with educators and students.

Technology is changing rapidly, but we’re adapting even faster. That’s why leading technology companies trust us to realize their most important transformation initiatives.

Our expert team collaborates with leaders in the industry to develop and deliver new operating models, monetize new revenue sources, and get more value from their investments.

There’s no margin for error in space. We help companies in the commercial satellite industry drive efficiency, deliver media, and connect to their customers on a worldwide scale.

The automotive industry is looking for new ways to monetize their product and meet consumer demands. Automation, immersive experiences, and personalization are all part of solution.

We help telecom leaders modernize and innovate using the latest technology in order to better serve their customers and stakeholders.

Featured Case Studies


AscentCore combines dynamic and static content with state-of-the-art operations in order to allow the platform to deliver optimized content for a better user experience.


Operating a unique cloud-based, crowdsourcing platform that powers a marketplace where cyber analysts are incentivized to proactively hunt for and collaboratively verify the presence of a breach.


Connecting the right service providers with the end client allows customers to easily discover, book, and manage tailored services for their needs.


Being a partner with us means we mitigate risk from the start. Our clients trust us as their software provider of choice and to consistently ensure control and visibility of roles, infrastructure, applications and personal data processing.

Chaos Engineering

Mastering incidents in large infrastructure is a daunting task that requires a lot of specialized engineers to measure, analyze, report, and fix existing and potential issues.

Tech we work with

AscentCore Labs

By researching and testing the latest technologies through our lab, AscentCore is able to envision innovative and disruptive digital products for our clients. Our r&d work includes real-time cyber attack prediction, ML-based document clustering, Covid-19 simulations to support local government, and many other projects

AscentCore Labs Recent Projects

Using Counterfactuals To Overcome Data Bias & Increase Model Fairness

For businesses across every industry, the customer experience is more important than ever. In a time when a brand’s success is often closely tied to customer loyalty, finding ways to improve and optimize customer service is critical. Keep reading for five AI-powered solutions that can help businesses transform and enhance their customer experience.

The Process Behind Meaningful Visualizations

Creating compelling visualizations through storytelling is the main goal in translating information into a visual context. When working with large data sets, the visualizations expose hidden insights, patterns or relationships in the data and at the same time capture, compress and expose the very essence.

Document Clustering

1. Objective Given a set of documents the aim is to group the documents that share some particularities. 2. Dataset The dataset is composed of

React Schema Form

react-schema-form was build to simplify the management of HTML forms. It’s based on React and JSON schema. By having the necessary knowledge of the data being manipulated, such