Case Study
Industry: Healthcare

The Project

The client had full trust in AscentCore to deliver an MVP based on an idea and during our collaboration we surpassed their expectations: the product got traction in the market and the number of users grew every week. The idea behind the app is to provide counseling services to students, and the solution can quickly and structurally capture the moods provided by each enrolled student of the registered schools and educational institutions from the US. Counselors and administrators can interact instantly using Stream’s capabilities, in accordance with the moods provided by each student in their group/school. Considering the sensitivity of the data provided by each user, we used security frameworks that generated more trust for the shared and stored data.

  1. Frontend web application
  2. Backend/Frontend development
  3. Cloud deployments
  4. DevOps
  5. Stream chat
  6. Auth0 authentication
  7. Sentry monitoring


  1. Full-stack feature development
  2. Overall platform improvements and optimizations


  1. Vue
  2. Python
  3. Javascript
  4. SCSS
  5. Docker
  6. CircleCI
  7. Sentry

Services Provided

  • Frontend web application
  • API middleware

Solutions Provided

  • Frontend application and admin panel via a custom web application
  • API middleware as glue between 418 systems, communication with external vendors and clients.


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