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Unlock powerful analytics insights to generate new value.

Ensure your business’s future by having in-depth knowledge through Data Analytics. At AscentCore we have highly curated experts in data visualization and analytics who can help you drive your business growth.

Create new value from data

We start by defining what really matters to your business and then we create an actionable data strategy, systems and data culture that empower you to achieve value, faster.

Improve quality through analytics

Our data modernization process ensures that your business is working as efficiently as possible. Great data integration and visualization reveal insights exactly when you need them most. The result is a data-driven business equipped to use AI in new ways for new growth – whether that’s improving operational efficiency, delivering more exceptional customer experiences, or creating new revenue streams through intelligent products and services.

Our services

Data preparation

Ensure data quality

Reporting & vizualization

Advanced analytics

Actionable insights

Guided & self service analytics

Why choose us

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We’re partners

Co-creation leads to the best outcomes. Through trust and transparency, we build a partnership where we proactively participate and challenge each other with a shared goal of success.

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Agility is critical

At the center of the agile process is the realization that there will be change. We know how to manage change, incorporating it smoothly into our process.

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Quality is fundamental

Testing both functional and non-functional requirements, and automating the process wherever possible.

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Delivering value is our focus

We understand that, in the end, your customers need a workable solution, not just software. We focus on outcomes, not just the process.

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