Case Study
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Case Study


Case Study

The Project

AscentCore combines dynamic and static content with state-of-the-art operations in order to allow the platform to deliver optimized content for a better user experience. By combining the publishing workflow, the platform allows editors to enjoy a familiar content editing experience and deliver content using modern aggregation and delivery technologies for almost instant content delivery and out-of-the-box outstanding SEO. The platform also allows the user to experience instant page views by caching and preloading the next information to be rendered. The entire ecosystem makes use of multiple data sources, and delivery mechanisms in order to ensure a top position in search engines, good media exposure, and the best user experience.

Services Provided

  • Web App Development
  • Cloud Deployment
  • DevOps

Solutions Provided

  • Admin Panel – Site management via a custom web application
  • Responsive design & implementation
  • SEO enhancements


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