Case Study
Industry: Transportation

The Project

Our partner is a logistics solutions provider automating how freight is priced, booked, and shipped. Whether through digital brokerage, freight procurement tools, dock scheduling software, truck management software, managed transportation services, freight and network optimization, or custom solutions, the shippers and carriers move more with less. AscentCore is integrated into two squads of the client’s ecosystem, being part of the whole end-to-end decisions of the product roadmap. They are taking part in creating the request for comments for the quote and book flow for Drayage and container visibility tracker integrating with OpenTrack solution.


  1. Frontend web application
  2. API middleware
  3. Backend development
  4. Cloud deployments
  5. DevOps


  1. Full-stack features development
  2. Continuous delivery based on unit testing on all communication points
  3. Overall platform improvements and optimizations
  4. Adhered to the Fire-Fighter process in supporting the development team with a focus on production issues
  5. Third-party integrations


  1. 3.6 -> 3.11
  2. Django REST Framework
  3. pytest
  4. oauthlib
  5. Gunicorn, gevent, greenlet
  6. NewRelic
  7. DataDog APM
  8. Redis
  9. Docker
  10. Docker Compose
  11. PostgreSQL
  12. Terraform
  13. Atlantis
  14. HELM
  15. Kubernetes
  16. react-scripts, storybook, Formik, yarn, jest etc.
  17. CircleCI
  18. Gemfury
  19. Datadog
  20. Sentry
  21. ZenDesk

Services Provided

  • Frontend web application
  • API middleware

Solutions Provided

  • Frontend application and admin panel via a custom web application
  • API middleware as glue between 418 systems, communication with external vendors and clients.


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