3 Ways to Use Tech Software to Beat Your Biggest Competitors

The internet and digital technology have given small businesses access to resources that were previously only available to Fortune 500 companies. From digital advertising services to custom software development, the digital landscape has leveled the playing field and allowed any business – big or small – to sell products and services to virtually anyone at any time. It has truly made it possible for smaller companies to compete at the same level as some of their biggest competitors.

Let’s explore how small businesses can leverage this technology, specifically custom software, to sharpen their competitive edge against larger companies.

Process Automation

Any business owner knows that running a business is hard work. You need to keep track of multiple things at the same time and find ways to prioritize tasks to achieve your goals. That in itself can be quite a challenge that many entrepreneurs struggle with. One effective solution to making processes quicker and easier is to rely on automation. Through packaged software or custom programming, you can make a big portion of your business operations automated to help you save time, money, and effort. Automation can easily streamline certain tasks such as:

  • Inventory
  • Bookkeeping
  • Communication
  • Invoicing
  • Marketing
  • Order tracking

With the kind of software available today, many of these processes can be fully or partially automated, alleviating a lot of the burden of manual work. Automation allows you to move faster and more efficiently, and keep your attention focused on strategy and planning so you can keep up with, or even stay ahead of, your competition.

Organizing Data

An ambitious and responsible business owner knows just how crucial it is to gather and collect as much data as they can from their customer’s transactions and behaviors. This allows them to make better data-driven business decisions, proactively solve any problems, and keep improving. If you’re amassing a lot of information, then data organization should be another priority for your business. So how exactly does data organization help? Here’s how:

  • Data is intelligence, giving you insights that you would otherwise not get from any other sources.
  • Effective use of available data can help small businesses increase revenue and lower costs.
  • Data helps small businesses become more proactive and predictive instead of being reactive to any situation.

Data organization can also be done through custom software solutions like customer relationship management programs (CRM). They can help keep track of all your sales data, including records of prospects and potential leads. If you have a small sales team handling all these tasks, investing in a CRM can help them better prioritize and optimize their opportunities.

Advertising to a Targeted Audience

Small businesses often struggle with investing in traditional marketing methods. They can require prohibitively expensive advertising budgets and often only reach a small number of people. But since the advent of the internet and the rise of digital mobile technologies, this is no longer the case. Businesses are now able to reach a massive audience without spending a fortune. Technologies such as mobile apps and social media have democratized advertising, making it cheaper and more accessible for just about anyone.

Many web marketing software platforms offer the option to target and communicate with your specific audience, and allow any small business owner to quickly automate and organize their marketing efforts.


With all the available technology and digital solutions in the market right now, it truly is an exciting time to build and grow your business. You no longer need massive budgets and resources just to stay afloat. By leveraging technology such as software, you can easily compete and make your mark in the digital landscape.

If you’re looking for digital transformation consulting services, AscentCore should be your first choice. We are a modern technology services company that can support your digital transformation by creating, modernizing, and accelerating your business’s initiatives.

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