How DevOps Can Help You Transform Your eCommerce Business

In the world of eCommerce, big names like Alibaba, Amazon, and Etsy have solidified their market presence by embracing DevOps-driven processes for their custom software solutions. For eCommerce organizations to stay at the top of their game, they need to adopt the same techniques as these industry giants. If you’re wondering how DevOps can help eCommerce companies achieve their goals, keep reading to learn more.

What is DevOps?

Development and operations, or DevOps, is the combination of practices and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at a rapid pace. It essentially bridges the gap between two previously siloed teams: operations and development.

The merging and collaboration of these two teams allows companies to rapidly develop and deliver high-quality custom software solutions that benefit both the organization and its customers.

How Does DevOps Help eCommerce Businesses?

As a collaborative approach to custom software development, DevOps unifies teams and changes how they perform their tasks during the development cycle. Let’s look at how an eCommerce business can benefit from this increased collaboration.

1. Continuous Innovation

Progressive eCommerce businesses thrive on delivering new and exciting features to the market faster than their competitors. When new features and functionality are not introduced quickly enough, you could be missing out on opportunities to receive real-time feedback that supports innovations and addresses new challenges. That’s why rapid innovation is important to staying competitive and a DevOps approach can be critical to achieving that.

2. Smart Automation

The agile and fast-paced nature of the DevOps approach eliminates the need for manual input or anything else that can slow you down during the software development cycle. Traditional manual processes undermine the efficacy of DevOps, which means your business will need to implement smart automation to ensure the success of a DevOps approach. The purpose of automation is to establish consistent builds in stable environments at an efficient rate. It’s important that businesses understand what processes could benefit from automation and how to implement it quickly.

3. Cultural Shift

Every eCommerce company can have its own approach to DevOps, depending on its needs and goals. This can lead to cultural shifts within the organization by following the concepts and techniques of DevOps. For example, if the organizational culture in your company facilitates collaboration, then the culture of shared responsibility—a key concept reinforced by DevOps—will thrive and spread in your organization. A DevOps approach could also encourage a positive culture shift in your organization that could lead to additional benefits such as more innovation and efficient workflows.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate goal of DevOps is to increase productivity and deliver software in as little time as possible. This entails having the agility and flexibility to tackle a high volume of changes with ease. Customers expect and demand the best experience possible for each and every digital medium presented to them. Meeting that demand is always a challenge for eCommerce businesses and software development firms, but through DevOps, they can meet those expectations easily. The faster your company can get new software into the marketplace, provide upgrades, and fix any glitches, the more your customers will use and recommend your products.


The DevOps approach of continuous innovation in a fast-paced environment empowers eCommerce companies to achieve their goals with relative ease. It may take some time to transition your development and operations teams into merging effectively, but the benefits to your business could be worth all the time and effort.

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